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Construction Automation Products

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Discover a range of innovative automation tools specifically designed for high-performance teams seeking to revolutionize their workflow and productivity. Our cutting-edge solutions are tailored to meet the demands of today's fast-paced industries, empowering teams to tackle complex tasks with ease and precision. At the core of our product offerings, you'll find state-of-the-art robotic systems, advanced software packages, and modular application solutions that seamlessly integrate with existing processes. Our products are thoughtfully engineered to provide unparalleled flexibility, adaptability, and ease of use, ensuring that your team can focus on achieving exceptional results.

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Baubot MRS12 extraordinary stability,
reach and torque 

Boasting an impressive payload capacity for both vehicle and robotic arm, the MRS12 is an ideal solution for executing a wide array of tasks that demand stability, reach, and torque.

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Baubot MRS5 exceptional flexibility
and collaborativeness

Fully collaborative, compact, and lightweight robotic system designed to tackle precise tasks in construction environments where space and floor load constraints are a challenge. 

Application packages

Our systems come with a variety of application packages, such as drilling, setting, and milling, each including all essential hardware and software components. These comprehensive solutions enable seamless task execution on construction sites, ensuring optimal efficiency and adaptability for your projects.

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Hammer Drilling

Drilling of the reinforced concrete up to C120 with a diameter of 8-18 mm


3D Printing

One- or two-component concrete 3D printing of the complex structures 

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Hollow Drilling

Drilling of the reinforced concrete with parallel extraction of the dust

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Picking and Placing

Picking and placing of the objects using two- three- or multiple-finger grippers

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Anchor Setting

Installation of the bolt anchors, put-in anchors or chemical glass capsules

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Milling of wood, concrete, gypsum or other construction materials

Open call for new applications

If you require a custom application, our Baubot innovation team is ready to help. Contact us today to discuss your specific use case and learn more about tailored solutions that best meet your construction project needs.

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Baubot PSE

Discover the unlimited possibilities of our integrated software for planning, simulating, and executing of robotic construction missions. It supports various file formats, offers mission planning tools, collision detection, on-site adjustments, and provides data visualization, analysis, and video recording for enhanced efficiency and communication.

Effortlessly plan and simulate onsite robotic missions

1 / Easy to use

Baubot Planning and Simulation Environment (PSE) supports quick graphical planning of the mission positions and driving paths for the mobile robotic system in a virtual environment. It has additional built-in features for fast manipulator jogging, analysing reachability, and defining manipulator logic and postures with control flow statements, as well as collision detection with the outer environment using a 3D mesh or model of the surrounding. Baubot PSE also supports quick on-site adjustment of the positions and parameters of the missions.

2 / Supports all needed formats

Baubot PSE supports the import of the BIM files, Point Clouds, 3D CAD files as well as 2D drawings of the construction layouts directly into the 3D environment. It supports file types from many of the leading vendors: 3D Studio, ASCII point clouds, AutoCAD DWG and DXF, Binary point clouds, CATIA, COLLADA, Creo, GL Transmission files, IFC2X, IGES, PRC, Revit, Rhino, STEP, STL, U3D, Siemens NX, VRML etc.

3 / Direct export to the robotic system

Baubot PSE features a built-in post-processor that converts virtual simulations into mission programs tailored specifically for your on-site needs. This streamlined process ensures the robotic system is equipped with precise, ready-to-use programs, enabling efficient and accurate execution of tasks in the construction environment.

Get in touch to simulate a mission

Interested in seeing how our robotic system can revolutionize your construction project? Get in touch with our experts today to simulate your mission using our advanced Baubot Planning and Simulation Environment. Discover the potential of automation in your project, and let us help you optimize your workflow for enhanced productivity and efficiency.

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Baubot APS
incomparable precision and range for onsite positioning and navigation

Baubot 6DOF Automatic Positioning System (APS) utilizes advanced laser tracker technology for unparalleled accuracy of 3-dimensional positioning and automatic navigation. Designed to function seamlessly both indoors and outdoors, this innovative solution ensures consistent, high-quality performance across a range of construction environments and applications.

Baubot APS technical details


Our comprehensive safety system employs a combination of advanced technical solutions to enhance the safety of operators, surrounding personnel, and the environment.



The safety equipment includes an independent safety controller, emergency stop buttons on the vehicle and control unit, a three-stage enabling switch, a key switch, as well as safety laser scanners for workspace monitoring. In addition, the robot has safe speed monitoring, axis monitoring, and pre-defined safety zones.


The detailed safety concept, applicable to construction sites as well as research and development facilities, is included as a part of the delivery pack.

The system is built in an accordance with the Machinery Directive (2006/42/EG) as well as Low Voltage Directive (2014/35/EU)


Each system is equipped with a wireless HMI to manually control movements of the vehicle and the manipulator, load and run programs, change settings of the system, check the current progress of the missions as well as the current state of the system.



The system can automatically create mission protocols and documentation (coordinates and parameters of the performed operations) in a format supported by BIM systems (.txt or .csv).


The system boasts advanced wireless capabilities, allowing seamless uploading and downloading of mission protocols and documentation. This feature ensures efficient data exchange and real-time updates.


Service Packages

Baubot offers tailored service and support packages to meet your unique needs. The comprehensive Maintenance and Support Subscriptions include remote troubleshooting, on-site visits, system maintenance, access to the Baubot Knowledge Base, and dedicated hotline support. Choose from personalized training programs and enjoy the flexibility and variety of service options for optimal customer satisfaction.

Get in touch to test our solutions

Experience the transformative impact of advanced robotics on your construction project by getting in touch with us for a pilot project, and discover how Baubot's innovative solutions can elevate safety, efficiency, and productivity to new heights.

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