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The New Standard
in Construction Robotics

Fully mobile robotic systems to perform various tasks on construction sites and manufacturing facilities

We are implementing innovative automation and robotic technology for the construction industry.

Fully Mobile

We offer mobile construction robotic systems where everything is on-board and no cables or stationary components are required. 


Baubot solutions are compact, and can drive through doors, climb stairs, use elevators. This means easy transportation to and from construction sites as well as short setup-time.

Application Ecosystem

Baubot supports several applications including concrete 3d printing, reinforced concrete drilling, formwork milling, micro-trenching,  plasma cutting, sanding, and many more.

Modular Platform

Baubots are designed in a highly modular way. Our open platform allows quick exchange between different applications and even multi-application missions.

Unprecedented Productivity

Impeccable Reliability

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Years of Experience


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Awards internationally

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Baubot is an Austrian startup focusing on the development of digital manufacturing processes and mobile robotics solutions for the construction industry.

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