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Modular robotic systems adjustable to your needs

BAUBOT MRS10-100 / compact and flexible bot

Being fully mobile, compact and light-weight, MRS10-100 is a universal solution to accomplish precise tasks on a construction sites where space and floor-load are limited. The MRS10-100 has a vehicle payload of 500 kg and a robot payload of 10 kg. The reach of the robot arm is 1000 mm. 

BAUBOT MRS70-210 / high performance bot

With a massive payload of both vehicle and robotic arm, the MRS 70-210 is perfect to perform a variety of tasks which require stability, reach and torque. The MRS70-210 has a vehicle payload of 900 kg and a robot payload of 70 kg. The reach of the robot arm is 2100 mm.

Smart combination of hardware and software enables different functional applications for our mobile robotic systems.  On request, new applications can be developed and tested on construction sites. 

In the close future external developers will be able to use our SDK and software suite to add applications to the ecosystem. Hardware tools and applications will be distributed via our open platform.