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As a pivotal leadership asset, you'll merge your expertise in sales strategies, market research, branding, and team leadership to amplify Baubot's presence in the construction robotics domain. If you're a strategic dynamo, endowed with a unique blend of creativity and commercial acumen, eager to boost sales and enhance brand visibility, we are excited to integrate your prowess.


Vienna, AT



What You’ll Do

  • ​Strategic Vision and Sales Leadership:

    • Craft a results-oriented long-term strategy for the sales and marketing departments, synchronizing it with Baubot's global vision.

    • Spearhead revenue growth initiatives, tapping into new markets and expanding client portfolios.

  • Team Building and Development:

    • Head the assembly of a stellar sales and marketing team, spotlighting hires who bring innovation, drive, and market insights.

    • Foster a collaborative environment where team members are motivated to achieve sales targets and push the boundaries of traditional marketing.

  • Branding and Market Penetration:

    • Oversee the branding initiatives, ensuring Baubot's identity resonates strongly across various channels and demographics.

    • Utilize market research to steer product launches, promotional campaigns, and other marketing endeavors.

  • Client Relationship and Partnership Building:

    • Cultivate and nurture relationships with key clients, stakeholders, and partners, driving loyalty and long-term collaborations.

    • Engage in high-level negotiations, contract discussions, and strategic partnerships.

  • Data-Driven Decision Making:

    • Employ analytics and market data to refine sales strategies, optimize marketing campaigns, and identify emerging trends.

  • Market Insight and Adaptability:

    • Remain updated with the shifts in the construction robotics marketplace, weaving market insights into actionable sales and marketing strategies.

Who You are

  • A Bachelor's or Master's degree in Business, Marketing, Sales, or a related field.

  • Proven track record in spearheading sales and marketing teams with a focus on growth, brand visibility, and revenue generation.

  • In-depth understanding of market research, sales analytics, and modern marketing platforms.

  • Excellent written and spoken language skills in English and German (C1-C2).

  • Minimum 3 years of leadership experience in a sales and/or marketing capacity.

  • Position Impact: As the Head of Sales and Marketing, your role is central to Baubot's brand growth and market positioning. Your strategies and leadership will be elemental in scaling our reach, revenue, and reputation, enabling us to stand tall as a pioneering figure in the construction robotics landscape.

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