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In this position, you have the opportunity to dive deep into the world of mobile robotics. Depending on your level of knowledge, experience, and interest, there are various topics and areas in which you can take on tasks (not necessarily all at the same time 😉)


Vienna, AT



What You’ll Do

  • Development/ component support of mechanical, electrical/electronic, pneumatic/hydraulic, and information technology components.

  • Software development at the robot as well as component level in the languages/environments/interfaces:

    • MATLAB, Simulink, TwinCat 3.1, LabView, Comsol, Visual Studio

    • C++, Embedded C, Python, IEC 1131-3:ST

    • TwinCat 3.1, Visual Studio

    • Docker, Linux, BSD, Industrial Android, CUDA/JetPack, (ROS2)

    • CAN, EtherCAT, TCP/IP, OPC/UA

  • Application development in the areas of HMI, vision, cloud, and embedded systems.

  • Development of mathematical algorithms in MATLAB (including implementation in our real-time systems) in robotics, control engineering, navigation, positioning, image and signal processing, optimization, neural networks, sensor fusion, and analytics.

  • Development of measurement and testing applications.

  • Test planning, software and hardware test development, and verification.

  • Quality and process development, safety, and normative certifications

Who You are

  • A completed apprenticeship in the field of electrical engineering, automation, mathematics, or mechatronics (HTL, university) or a successfully completed vocational training with work experience in the field of automation or mechatronics or comparable previous education/experience.

  • 2+ years of work experience desirable

  • Self-motivation and ability to work in a team

  • The ability and willingness to create high-quality results

  • Interest in constantly learning new things and expanding your horizons

  • ​Minimum gross salary according to the collective agreement "Kollektivvertrag für Angestellte des Metallgewerbes". Overpayment in line with the market, depending on your experience and qualifications, is offered.

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