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Functional applications for your automation needs

Concrete 3D Printing

5 years of development lead to this top of its league 2k-concrete printing kit.

Collaborative reinforcement integration

Automatic reinforcement integration can be enabled by robot teams, which is already supported in our intuitive programming and simulation suite.

Material handling

Handling of various materials can be done by gripping or suction - Baubot will place your parts into position with an accuracy of under 1 mm.


Robot welding is an automated process which can perform the welding and handle the parts. The benefits of robotic welding are increases of accuracy, repeatability, and throughput.

Milling and drilling

The M&D kit can be used to mill openings or cutouts into existing panels and other structures, allowing for precise on-site installations. This kit also enables the automatic drilling of holes in predefined positions, which can be a great time-saver.

Screw driving

A highly versatile and flexible application, with quick changeovers for a wide range of screw sizes and lengths. The exact torque control and smart error detection ensure quality and consistency throughout the progress.


For sanding, buffing and polishing on a range of parts and materials. The fast, easy and flexible electric tool boosts efficiency and control. Furthermore, the automatic sanding grit changer reduces downtime and labor even further.

Laser marking

Our small and versatile lasers achieve extremely fine dots, lines or crosses at any working distance. In combination with an ball head bracket the Baubot can change projection angles and positions in no time.

Plasma cutting

The plasma kit melts the material, which is then removed with compressed air. Baubot can easily cut all conductive metals such as standard steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, titanium and many more. The cutting force depends on the material and separating cuts are possible up to 10 mm. 

Formwork milling

Create flexible forms within minutes - you can easily create forms which can be filled with the material of your choice, including concrete, ceramics, plastics and others. Learn more about products manufactured using this application kit on Printstones website.


Baubot controls the medium, air pressure and distance from the surface being sprayed precisely to archive predictable results on a consistent basis without shields or stencils. The stroke can vary between narrow lines and wide areas.

Brick laying

Enable baubot to use blocks for walls construction and other forms of masonry. Baubot lays rows of bricks on top of one another to build up structures. Different load-bearing bonds like the lemish, monk or sussex bond can be used as well as diapering. Alternative use of this application is automatic installation of block pavers or ceramic tiles.

Prefab parts assembly support

Baubot can be used when constructing with prefabricated elements. This support kit helps workers to find the right positions and orientations which can boost your productivity, by reducing plan reading times and manual measurements. 

More applications in development

Our open hardware and software interfaces allow internal and external developers to build even more applications

If you want to do a pilot with us or interested in the early access to the SDK, feel free to contact us and apply to our pilot projects program. 

We offer highly modular robotic systems, allowing our customers to adopt and modify to their needs or to build their own applications on top of our existing technology.

Under our brand “baubot” we provide fully mobile as well as flexible truck-transportable systems to perform various tasks on construction sites and manufacturing facilities. 

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